We will customise an itinerary for you, to fit in with your NZ travel plans. The time cruising, and the destinations are only limited by the amount of time you have to spend with us. Because there are so many beautiful scenic choices in NZ, we have the services of Karla from Harvey World Travel, who can plan your complete NZ travel, from your arrival in NZ, to your departure for home. Karla will consult with you, and include our cruise into the complete itinerary, which then allows you to enjoy your NZ holiday, knowing that your tour has been tailored especially for you, to your requirements and is not just the “run of the mill” brochure tour.

We have prepared suggested itineraries, to give you an idea of what you can look forward to, when you step aboard Mission. Even with a planned itinerary, because there are only 2, or a group of 4 friends aboard, the day to day movements are as much as possible, dictated by YOU. The evening’s destination and latest arrival time are known, but within that, the amount of time we spend at each place, is dictated by your preferences. Perhaps one island is just too wonderful to leave, or the water is just TOO clear to finish snorkelling, or the fish are biting… We will try and let you make those decisions. Click on the link below to view some suggested itineraries